The Firestorm Over The New eBay Feedback Policy Keeps Growing

In 8 years on eBay I have never seen an issue ignite this much passion. Any time there is a change to feedback policy it always stirs up passions, but this one takes the cake.
If you saw my post yesterday you know that I am no fan of the new feedback policy that stipulates that sellers can only leave positive feedback for buyers.  Apparently a lot of eBay sellers agree.
The posts are coming in so fast that if you post, your post gets buried immediately by other posts.  I did a post this morning on my proposal (outlined in yesterday’s blog) and it was immediately buried.
Buried in the eBay announcement was also some good news about the feedback system. Here is a summary of all the changes to feedback and how I feel about each one. The comments in red italics are mine

  • Buyers will only be able to receive positive Feedback. The elimination of true mutual feedback completely changes the culture of eBay for the worse. 🙁
  • Positive repeat customer Feedback will count (up to 1 Feedback from the same buyer per week.)  This is good for sellers who get repeat business.   🙂
  • Feedback more than 12-months old won’t count towards your Feedback percentage. I have mixed feelings about this one.  Everyone should get a chance to rebuild and fix their mistakes, but isn’t getting more good feedback to raise your percentage the point? 🙁
  • When a buyer doesn’t respond to the Unpaid Item (UPI) process the negative or neutral Feedback they have left for that transaction will be removed. Excellent and long overdue.  Sellers have been asking for this for years. 🙂
  • When a member is suspended, all their negative and neutral Feedback Left will be removed. This is good, but what is not clear is what happens to their received feedback. Is that removed too?  This ties into the 12 month rule. If a seller was suspended for a year then he starts over with 100% feedback.  🙂
  • Buyers must wait 3 days before leaving negative or neutral Feedback for sellers with an established track record, to encourage communication. Great move – I like it.  🙂
  • All Feedback must be left within 60 days (compared to 90 days today) of listing end to encourage timely Feedback and discourage abuse. Why not 15 or 30 days? 🙁
  • Buyers will be held more accountable when sellers report an unpaid item or commit other policy violations.  I wish it said how they will be held more accountable. ???

So there is some good news mixed in with the bad.  Some other nice things that happened is that PayPal will also give you seller protection when goods are shipped to any address –not just the confirmed address as long as the buyer puts that address into his PayPal account.

As for the Feedback Issue –All is not lost. eBay has backtracked and changed position before.  Keep complaining, post on the boards, in your blogs and to other blogs.  All is not lost.

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