Fortune Small Business Has Statistics on Sellers Leaving eBay. Grows 10% in One Week

Here is a great article on CNN Money From Fortune Magazine about the fee and feedback rebellion hitting eBay

The numbers are not staggering, but they are significant.  Is eBay is paying attention?

(FORTUNE Small Business) — In the online auction space, "eBay" is a verb. Since launching in 1995, eBay (EBAY, Fortune 500) has been the online marketplace for people seeking to unload or pick up anything and everything.

But a week after eBay announced massive changes to its fee structure and its vaunted feedback policy, competitors say the behemoth seems suddenly vulnerable. Outraged sellers have begun seeking new outlets to hawk their products, and alternative marketplaces are seeing significant jumps in new-user registrations….Read the rest of the article.

To compound matters, the new CEO of eBay, John Donahoe, was quoted as saying that complaints by eBay sellers "was just so much noise" and indicated that they didn’t matter.

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