How is eBay Really Doing? and How Did The Boycott Do?

eBay growth has slowed, but despite all the problems eBay is still growing. PayPal is the bright star.
eBay recently gave a presentation to the investment community in Boston. This information is publicly available, but its not something eBay actively shares with sellers.  So I though I would just show you some of the charts that ebay showed the investment community.
So there I was taking screen shots and about to paste them into the blog when I saw the notice in fine print at the bottom of each slide that said:

eBay Inc. – Proprietary & Confidential

OK – That stopped me. I don’t know why the slides are marked this way if this is information available to stockholders and investors, but I am not clear if showing this would come under the Fair Use Doctrine, so instead I found a web page where you can see the whole presentation.  Hurry, I am not sure how long this link will be available.  It is a really long URL, so I made a Tiny URL for you:

Here is the link:

eBay Boycott Results
On a related topic, the Boycott is over and it looks like it didn’t do much.  eBay spokesman Usher Lieberman said, “We didn’t feel an impact from the strike, but we certainly heard from our sellers will continue listening to them.” Lieberman didn’t release any listing numbers as they only report those during quarterly filings for stockholders. Lieberman did add that eBay does not intend to change the fees or policies that enraged some sellers.
There is a web site at DealsCart that tracks auction listings and the listing numbers during the boycott period did not fall appreciably. they were about the same as the same period in the previous month.
However, this may not be true.  I was listening to eBay Radio last week when Uncle Griff mentioned that the DSR issue is under review at eBay and he expected they might make some changes. I also have other friends within eBay who tell me that although the fees will probably not change, there will still be some minor tweaks to the feedback, DSRs and other issues.  I also heard that PayPal is working on a new buyer credit program that will benefit sellers of high-priced goods.  The working name for the program is PayPal PayLater.
I suggest you check the eBay Announcements board frequently as there will be a whole slew of announcements coming out over the next weeks leading up to eBay Live.
BTW, I am also hearing this may be the last eBay Live, as eBay feels the cost/benefit is no longer there.  Stay tuned, I will try and get more on this.  I suspect it is only a rumor, but eBay has hinted that it will be doing some cost cutting going forward, so who knows?

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