Understanding The New Best Match Search and How It Will Affect Your Business

The Best Match Search Results based on Seller Ratings will roll out in March.

Best Match is eBay’s new method or displaying search results that gives buyers another way to organize their search results, helping them find what they are looking for more quickly. Right now, Best Match is an option in the search drop down box, but it will shortly become the default search result.

Best Match results are based on a score eBay calculates using a number of factors and is tailored to each buying situation. Along with the listing keywords and other information, one of most important calculation elements is the historical buyer behavior on eBay for similar searches.

Recent changes to Best Match include seller performance factors that will give an advantage to sellers with DSRs 4.6 and above. According to eBay, more than half of all sellers have DSR Scores of 4.6 and above. For listings that have similar relevance-ranking, Best Match scores may also incorporate other data to break ties, such as: time left, price and seller’s level of customer satisfaction

If you boil this down, what it means is that sellers with high DSR ratings (the Stars next to your feedback) will see their listings place higher in search results if all else stays equal.

eBay Sellers who will be demoted in Best Match for having more than 5% dissatisfied buyers will be notified. A Seller Dashboard will also be launched in May to provide sellers with detailed information about how their recent performance affects their search standing.

So what can sellers do to rank higher in Best Match?

Obviously sellers will want to keep their DSR (Star) rating above 4.6.  When I look at seller’s DSR scores, shipping time and shipping cost are the biggest issue and the biggest source of low DSR scores. So this is where you want to pay the most attention.  However, your scores are not the only factor.  The best match search will still look at keywords first.  If you don’t have the right keywords people are searching for, then your DSR score won’t matter.

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