eBay Sellers Cleaning Up On Eliot Spitzer

Seizing on media stories is one of the oldest and most profitable niches on eBay
I find it rather ironic that Eliot Spitzer is now paying as much per hour for an attorney as he paid for companionship with a prostitute –but that’s another story. Let’s look at a very interesting eBay niche business:
A search of the term Elliot Spitzer the day after the news broke resulted in 40 items for sale. Today that number has jumped to 90 and growing.
Seizing on medial stories is one of the oldest and most profitable niches on eBay.  Every time there is a major scandal, eBay entrepreneurs are quick to launch products that take advantage of news.  The first items to appear are usually T-shirts and this time is no exception.  “Love Client No. 9” is featured on T-shirts by several sellers. And there is other merchandise as well including a faux credit card issued by the Emperor’s VIP Club.  Other merchandise that has surfaced includes Eliot Spitzer’s High School Year Book, an invitation to his gubernatorial inaugural.

Most of the entrepreneurs who jump on news stories are those who already have the ability to produce T-shirts, coffee mugs, hats and decals.  If you don’t have this equipment, you can still participate by joining Cafe Press.  This is a web site where you just upload your design image and they will print it on a T-shirt, mug, hat or other item and drop ship it directly to your customer.

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