Good news for eBay sellers regarding new feedback policies

eBay brings some balance back to the table

The new president of eBay Global Marketplace Operations, Lorrie Norrington, announced a few changes to the new feedback policies today. Most sellers (myself included) have been concerned about the inability for sellers to leave neutral or negative feedback.

eBay instigated this policy so that sellers could not threaten negative feedback to buyers. But this works both ways. The power is now with the buyers and there’s nothing stopping them from doing the exact same thing to sellers.

Thankfully eBay has listened to the numerous eBay sellers who have commented on this, and has made a change.

Feedback extortion is against eBay’s rules and should be reported to eBay (using the Contact Us link). Norrington says, "When we identify a pattern of abuse, or the evidence is clear from your report, we will remove the negative or neutral feedback — retroactively."

Another change is to the Unpaid Item Dispute, and is also in the seller’s favor. Currently, if a buyer does not respond to the Unpaid Item Dispute, neutral or negative feedback left by that buyer for the seller will be removed. That’s great, but all a buyer had to do was respond and say "yup, I’m not going to pay." and then leave you a negative and there was nothing you can do about it.

Now eBay is making it a bit more fair. According to Norrington’s annoucement, the feedback will now be removed "if the buyer does not specifically call out poor seller performance, item condition or transaction problems during the UPI process."

This is a step in the right direction, and it’s good to see some modifications to the policies that bring some balance back to the table.

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