Make Your Fortune on eBay With Vintage and Used Goods and Merchandise

Too many sellers turn up their nose at selling used goods. Yet used items often have higher profits than new goods.

Although we make most of our income selling our books and new merchandise, I am always on the lookout for vintage or used goods to sell on eBay where I can make a profit. 

Over the past ten days I have sold about $2,100 worth of goods on eBay.  One of the items was a folk music CD boxed set that I bought for $20.  It sold for $141.33.  I also sold an old Nikon film camera and two lenses.  The camera went for over $750, one lens sold at the BIN price of $499 and the other lens for $788.  All of these very obtained for much much less.

In my newsletter I often feature an article on Niche Market of The Month.  Most of the niches I feature are for used or vintage items.  I also publish an eBook called Ten Highly Profitable eBay Niche Businesses Anyone Can Do , that features several easy to start niche businesses that require very little investment.

A lot of sellers turn their nose up at selling used goods on eBay which is too bad. Consider this:

  • The average gross profit for new goods on eBay is about 30%
  • Gross profits for many new goods are as high as 90%
  • Used goods are easy to source. You can find them at garage sales, estate sales, thrift shops, by advertising on Craigslist or taking out small classified ads in your local paper.
  • You don’t need a state sales tax number to source used goods
  • You can turn your inventory over quickly. No need to stock large amounts of merchandise that tie up your cash.
  • There is far less competition for used merchandise so you will usually come up very high in the search results.

One of the really neat things that you can do today is check prices and values of goods from a PDA or cell phone.  If you have a portable device that is enabled for the internet, it is a snap to check the value of an item before you buy it.  For example, lets say you are at a garage sale and you spot on old tape deck that you think might be valuable.  Just go to eBay and search the brand and model number on eBay completed items search and you will see how much they are selling for before you buy or decide what to offer.

You can even get stuff for free.  One of my readers told me about placing an ad on Craigslist for things he was looking for. Not only did he get messages from people with things to sell, several people offered him things for free if he would just pick them up. One of the free items was a complete stereo system from the 1980s that he sold on eBay for over $300.

Vintage items are the best –usually the most profitable and easy to sell, but really almost any used item in decent condition has a good market on eBay and many products can be the start of a full-time very profitable eBay business.

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