Watch Your eBay Seller Feedback Jump Instantly

eBay told us that they would be including repeat buyer feedback in the Feedback Score (the number in parentheses next to your User ID), and this has just come into effect. What the didn’t originally tell us was that they will be making this retroactive.

As of now, if you have multiple purchases from the same buyer in different weeks (i.e. not a combined purchase), and the buyer leaves two positive feedback comments for you, both will count towards your Feedback Score. This is a great change for sellers like me who often get repeat buyers. Many times a buyer will read one of my basic manuals and then come back for one of the more advanced ones later on. 

The announcement yesterday related to retroactive feedback. In May, eBay will credit your Feedback Score will all multiple buyer feedbacks all the way back to 1996.

For me, that will mean an almost 1,000 Feedback Score jump. Currently my Feedback Score is 6959. But if you include all of my positive feedback that number jumps to 7892.

So if you’re an established eBay seller who’s been around for a while, you can probably expect quite a high jump in your Feedback in the next few months. This is a positive change because it encourages what I’ve been saying for years – repeat buyers are the key to building a successful business.

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