eBay Live Auctions Cancelled

eBay Live Auctions is a section of the site where sellers can take items to local major auction houses (Sotherby’s, Christies, etc.) and they run a live auction from their location, including bidders from eBay.

This program has it’s niche following, but it’s not really the "core eBay" that we keep hearing about. As of the end of 2008, eBay will be discontinuing this part of the site.

According to Jim Ambach, "…we need to make sure our resources are aligned with our priorities. In the case of Live Auctions, maintaining and improving this platform falls outside our immediate focus."

You can read the full annoucement here. I don’t think this will impact too many eBay sellers or buyers since most of these major auction houses maintain their own website where bidders can participate in the auction.

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