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Karen and I are closing in on the end of our vacation in Italy.  Yesterday we drove from Florence to Sienna and then on to Rome.  Didn’t know it but, Friday was a big national holiday. We arrived in Rome right in the heart of Friday holiday weekend rush hour.  I am dodging traffic, motor scooters and pedestrians trying to find a tiny little street with nothing but a crummy little map that only listed major boulevards. It took two hours, and lots of arms waved and finger gestures given at us but we finally found our hotel.
We put the bags in the room and went straight to the bar where I ordered a double scotch. It was 9 Pm and we hadn’t eaten since noon, so we then set out to find a meal. All of the restaurants in our neighborhood were full and had lines of people waiting.  After an hour of hunting we went back to the hotel and ordered room service and crashed.
It’s Saturday morning now. We are rested, refreshed and in ROME.  Four more days and then we are headed home. If anyone is interested we have some new photos uploaded on Photobucket.  Here is the link:
Unless something important happens on eBay in the next few days this will be my last post until I get back. We didn’t do a mid-April newsletter, but the May newsletter will be out Monday, May 5th.  We will have details about the eBay Live meet and greet and my speaking schedule at eBay Live.
Ciao – Skip McGrath

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