eBay Rolls Out Seller Dashboard and Clarifies New Feedback Policy

The long awaited seller dashboard was rolled out today and eBay answered some questions about the new feedback policy
The Seller dashboard is actually pretty cool. It does give you a good look at your standing in all of the categories that can affect your business.  If you want to see your dashboard, log into My eBay. Look in the left column navigation under My Account. Then click on the link that says Seller Dashboard.
If you would like to see my seller dashboard I have done a screenshot at www.skipmcgrath.com/ebay-seller-dashboard.com.
The dashboard itself will not really help you improve your standings, but it can alert you that you are about to have a problem. For example, you can elect to see your DSR ratings for the past 12 months or the past 30 days. If you just look at your rating for the last 12 months you may not know that you are in danger of falling. But if you look at the last  30 days that will alert you that you have some hits that could affect your rating soon.
eBay Reacts to feedback from eBay sellers on Feedback
eBay would not admit how many sellers lost their Power Seller status when the new feedback rules went into effect earlier this week. However, it must have been a lot, because today eBay announced that they would give Power Sellers until July 21st until actually pulling the Power Seller status to give these sellers time to improve their feedback scores above the 98% positive feedback threshold.
eBay also noted that they have not yet removed feedback left by members who were later suspended. The announcement said they are working on that and it should be accomplished by early June. So if your feedback was affected by someone who was later suspended your score will improve when this change is made.
Although most of the noise is from eBay sellers whose eBay feedback scores dropped, I did get a few emails from sellers who had a negative or two in their record that were more than one year old. These sellers saw their feedback improve.
With any new policy there are always some folks who fall into a big black hole. I got an email from one poor fellow who took a breather from selling on eBay for quite a while. Consequently his total number of feedbacks for the past 12 months was quite low although his overall score for the past several years was high. But because eBay now only looks at the past 12 months and he had a neutral about 6 months ago, his score dropped from 99.9% to 87%.  With that score it is going to be really hard to get sales and therefore improve his score when people who don’t really know any better see a feedback score of 87%.
In another story related to feedback, there was a story on the eBay message boards that an older gentleman in Seattle had a heart attack and died in front of his computer when he saw his 100% feedback score fall on Tuesday.  Since I have 100% feedback and a lot of my readers know I am in Seattle, we got a lot of email wondering if I was the seller who died.  My feedback did fall from 100% to 99.9% and some would say that I qualify as “older”–but I want to assure my readers my heart is fine and I am not the guy who died.

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