Have You Checked Your eBay Feedback Today?

When I went to bed last night my positive feedback rating was 100%. When I woke up this morning it was 99.9%

Did I get a negative feedback last night? NO. What happened was eBay’s new feedback policy rolled out overnight and they now count neutrals as negatives when computing your feedback percentage.

The other interesting thing that happened this morning is that literally thousands of eBay power sellers lost their power seller status this morning.  You see it takes 98% positive feedback to maintain your power seller rating.  There were tons of sellers, including over half of the top 100 sellers on eBay who are no longer power sellers.

This is interesting because as part of the new policy changes eBay made some great improvements to the eBay power seller program including greater charge back protection, more help with non-paying bidders and fee reductions for power sellers who maintain a high Detailed Seller Rating (DSR) score.

Our mid-May newsletter will be out in a couple of days and we will have more information on the changes and the likely impact on eBay sellers.

Skip McGrath

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