How to Make an Extra $10, $20 or More on Each Successful eBay Listing

You can no longer sell digital information like eBooks directly on eBay, but there is still a way to make money on eBay from digital products with this neat trick.
As most of you know, eBay no longer allows the sale and delivery of digital information directly on eBay.  But think for a moment: What happens when an auction ends successfully?  What is the first thing you do after you receive payment?  In our case we send an email thanking them for the payment and telling the buyer when we will ship the item.  Then, when we ship the item, we send another email with the tracking information.
You may not realize it, but there is nothing wrong with offering the buyers something else you have for sale in this email.  It is quite common for eBay sellers to include a tag line in these emails that includes an invitation to visit their website to see their other products.
The trick is to have an information product related to what you are selling on eBay. The key to making this work is to sell in an eBay niche market. It won’t work if you are selling different categories of products each week.
Here is how it works:
What if you are selling chef’s knives? The auction closes and you send an email to the customer with shipping information. The last paragraph of the email says, “Would you be interested in my book, The Care and Use of Fine Kitchen Knives?” You can read about it by Clicking Here.” (The words, “clicking here,” would be a hyperlink to your web page where you display sales copy about the book)
The book is nothing more than a 15 to 25 page PDF file (e-book) about knife handling and care techniques. If you don’t know anything about knife sharpening or care, just go to the library and read up on it –or find information on the web.  Now, don’t plagiarize some one’s copyrighted material, you just want to learn the techniques and then write about them in your own words and style.
It doesn’t matter what kind of product you sell, there is always a market for information about that product or product category. Just use your imagination to think up a connection that would interest someone looking at your category of product. Here are some examples:
• If you sell pet-related items you can write a book about dog training tricks, pet health or review the best dog foods on the market
• If you sell designer clothing, you could write a guide to locating outlet malls that carry designer items and where each designer’s factory outlet store is located.
• If you sell any type of collectible, you could research and write articles about your collectible topic.
• If you sold bird feeders or bird houses, you could write about how to attract song birds to your yard.
• If you sell any kind of garden item, you could write a small book with instructions for building a simple bat house to attract bats that eat insects.
But what if you don’t have a product or can’t write an eBook. You can look on the various public domain source websites such as the Library of Congress or visit the US Government Printing Office online where you can buy copyright-free books.  The other source is ClickBank.
ClickBank lists thousands of information products on hundreds of topics that will pay you a commission when you sell them. For example, let’s go back to pet products. If you sold a dog bed, in your email to the customer you includes a ClickBank link on a video program about dog training.  If someone clicks on the link and buys the videos, ClickBank will pay you a commission. The same goes for golf. If you sold a golf club, there are eBooks and videos on ClickBank about improving your golf game.  Some of them sell for $37 and pay a 50% commission so you can actually earn as much as $18 on each sale.
Admittedly this may take some creativity on your part, but this is a great way to make some extra money from eBay and a little work and effort can pay big dividends.

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