Energy Level Picks Up on The2nd Day at eBay Live and Two Important Announcements

The energy level was a hit higher today than the first day and more attendees showed up. It’s still not like past events but I did notice some more excitement and positive outlook today.

Keynote puts a human face on new CEO, John Donohoe

The 2nd day of eBay Live kicked off with the Keynote address. This was the first time many eBay sellers have seen the new CEO, John Donohoe. It turns out John is an OK guy. He was born and raised a few miles from the Chicago convention center. He introduced his parents and gave a talk that stressed his plain speaking Mid-Western values. He is not as charismatic as Meg –but he comes off as a solid guy and I believed him when he says he is committed to the growth and success of eBay.

Lorrie Northington, head of eBay marketplace, had the harder job. She had to deal with specifics –DSRs and Feedback. When Lorrie got to feedback she was roundly and loudly booed by a large segment of the audience. I have been to every eBay Live since 2002 and this is the first time I have heard more than the ocassional boo.

I hate to use a sexist reference, but to Lorrie’s credit –she took it like a man. When the booing stopped she looked the audience in the eye, said she understood, and then defended her position. Facts help, and Lorrie delivered one very interesting fact. eBay tracks feedback daily. Lorrie reported that since May 19th when the feedback changed, the number of neutral and negative feedback comments left has neither increased nor decreased. Admittedly the time sample is quite small –and I would like to see the numbers after a couple of months –but I have to admit the early results are encouraging.

Two Important Announcements

Lorrie also announced a new level of DSR fee discounts. PowerSellers who maintain a 30-day 4.9 score will now receive a 20% discount on fees. Granted this will only impact a few sellers but it really does incentivize sellers to work hard to keep their DSRs high.

The other announcement is that up to now only Power Sellers were advantaged in search by having good DSRs. Going forward, if you keep your DSRs over 4.6 everyone will get enhanced search placement –thereby making it easier for newer sellers to reach power seller status.

There is also some news from PayPal but I need to check on a few details first. I will speak with the PayPal folks tomorrow and let you know the details then.

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