FedEx Ground, USPS and UPS Experiencing 2 and 3 day Delays in East West Shipping Time

Attention eBay Sellers: I noticed my Shipping Time DSRs took a hit over the past week, and then connected it to the Midwest Floods.

So I called UPS and FedEx Ground and spoke with them. They both said they were experiencing delays of up to 2 or 3 days on East/West ground shipments. So next I called my friendly folks at the post office and they said the same thing. When we looked at delivery confirmation numbers for our recent Priority Mail shipments they were taking a day longer on average and two days more than normal in some cases.

I sent this information to eBay Gold Power Seller Support and suggested they make an announcement –but haven’t heard back.

What can you do in the meantime?  If you have shipped anything in the past couple of days or are shipping anything this week, add the following statement 0or something similar) in your shipping email:

We have learned from ________ (Insert whichever shipping carrier you use)  that shipments to many parts of the country are being delayed up to 3 days due to the serious flooding in the Midwest. Please be assured that we shipped your item quickly, but this situation is beyond our control.  Here is your tracking number: ________________ if you would like to track your package, please go to (inset web site of shipper).

We strive to give every buyer 5-Star experience and hope you will be pleased with your purchase and our service. If you are unhappy for any reason please contact us before leaving feedback and we will do everything in our power to resolve the issue to your satisfaction.

A similar situation occurred around the times of Hurricanes Katrina Hugo and Ivan and eBay did post an announcement that members saw when they logged in. I hope they do that in this situation.  That could serve to reinforce the message they were trying to deliver to sellers at eBay Snooze –er, eBay Live.

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