Help for eBay Sellers Who Want to Sell and Ship Large or Heavy Items

Most eBay sellers avoid selling large heavy items because they are difficult to ship. Yet many of these products are very profitable and have less competition.

Last year I told my eBay business readers about a service called uShip. Today U-Ship announced the launch of the eBay Shipping Center. This new tool is aimed directly at solving a major challenge for buyers and sellers in the eBay community: shipping large items.

There are excellent eBay profits to be made with items such as furniture, business and industrial equipment, large power tools and even vehicles and trailers. But many eBay sellers avoid these items due to all the cost and hassel of shipping. 

How to affordably and efficiently ship large items across the country remains a mystery to most eBay buyers and sellers. Because of this, many large-item auctions are limited to local pickup or have difficulty selling because of high shipping prices.

eBay buyers have difficulty bidding on these auctions because shipping information and prices for large items is not readily available. This makes it difficult to calculate the total cost of the purchase. uShip’s eBay Shipping Center alleviates these problems by providing a comprehensive shipping solution for eBay buyers and sellers that allows them to evaluate and manage all aspects of the buying experience.

An eBay Compatible Application, the eBay Shipping Center enables users to simultaneously manage their eBay and uShip activities in one convenient place.

"By linking their uShip and eBay accounts, users can track the status of items they are buying, selling, watching, or have won. Users can bid on eBay items directly from the Shipping Center and are able to list shipments on the uShip marketplace with one easy click," uShip CEO Matt Chasen said.

The eBay Shipping Center also gives users access to a suite of shipping tools which provide accurate shipping estimates on their items, giving eBayers the information they need to bid effectively. 

uShip’s Shipping Price Estimator, uShip calculates the "Total Purchase Cost" of an eBay item, which takes into account the sale price along with the estimated shipping costs. eBay sellers can take advantage of the Shipping Price Estimator and other widgets built into the eBay Shipping Center to enhance their listing and give detailed shipping information to bidders.

"Buying, selling, and shipping parcel-sized items on eBay is easy and affordable, but users often face difficulties with larger items," Chasen said. "The uShip marketplace, which is already saving its users as much as 80% compared to traditional transport services, is committed to creating innovative tools like the eBay Shipping Center, which enhance the eBay user experience and open up opportunities for all buyers and sellers."

The eBay Shipping Center has already seen significant adoption from the eBay community. In a limited beta launch, over 21,000 eBay users have linked their accounts with uShip and are actively using it to manage their eBay transactions. This new tool, along with uShip’s myriad of other innovative features, has made uShip the highest rated shipping option in eBay’s own user rated Solutions Directory.


About uShip 

Founded in 2003, uShip is the first and largest online marketplace for shipping services. Members list anything they need shipped, from household goods to vehicles to freight, and receive bids from thousands of feedback-rated service providers, including movers, carriers, transporters, van lines, freight brokers and independent service providers.

On any given day, there are thousands of shipments listed on uShip representing millions of dollars of business. It’s totally free for members to list shipments and for service providers to place bids. uShip’s reverse-auction format and patent-pending search technology dramatically reduce shipping costs by allowing service providers to find shipments along their routes and fill empty cargo space. uShip’s feedback system holds service providers accountable for their service and rewards those that perform well. Please visit for more information.

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