FREE eBook and New Podcast on The Future of eBay

Last week I released my free eBook, The Future of eBay. Today you can listen or download my interview on The Future of eBay with Ina Steiner of AuctionBytes

The Future of eBay is a 30-page completely FREE eBook, released to my readers last week that covers the latest policy and fee changes on eBay. 

A few weeks ago I was invited to the eBay campus for a briefing on the new fee and policy changes.  During those briefings I had the opportunity to interview top execs at eBay extensively.  The next day, eBay announced several new policies and completely revamped the fixed price listing fee structure.  I covered each of the new policies here in the blog (scroll down to see those posts). When I was finished I went back over the posts, reviewed and updated them and put them into an eBook I call The Future of eBay.

In addition to the info on the new policies and fees, I also write about what is coming from eBay over the next year or so and what the impact will be for new, small and medium-sized sellers.

Readers can download a copy of the book by clicking here: The Future of eBay by Skip McGrath.

I also recorded a 20-minute podcast with Ina Steiner of AuctionBytes. Ina was interviewing me on the same topic, but she asked some questions I hadn’t thought of, so the podcast gives you a slightly different take on the new policies.  You can either listen to the Podcast on your computer or you can download it to listed to later.

Click here to listen to the Podcast.

That’s it for now.  There should be some more announcements from eBay soon, so stay tuned.

Skip McGrath

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