eBay and Online Sellers, Get Ready for Internet Sales Taxes in 2009

The new congress and the new president have signaled their willingness to require all online sellers to collect and pay sales tax

I am not sure if there is anything we can do about this, but you may want to try and write your congress person anyway. If you don’t, it is looking pretty certain that the new congress will pass a law in 2009 that will force all online sellers from you and me to Amazon and eBay to collect sales tax on all transactions and pay the tax to the 49 states that require it.  As a seller this means that the burden of collecting the tax will fall on you and you will have to keep records of all sales and then file the paperwork and write a check to each state where you sold something.

Here is a link to an article about the sales tax that everyone should read. If this passes it will drive hundreds of thousands of small sellers out of business.


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