eBay Announces Two-Day, Auction Style Listing Fee Sale

eBay will reduce listing fees 50% for listings launched on November 24th through midnight November 25th
For the next two days, insertion fees for your Auction-style items will be 50% off on www.ebay.com, regardless of your start price. The 50% off Auction-style Listing Fee Sale starts today and runs through November 25. There are a few categories and types of listings that are excluded. You can get the details at the eBay sale information page.
How to take advantage of this sale?
One of the things that happens when eBay has a sale is that the site is swamped with listings all ending at the same time. Most eBay sellers use 7-day listings.  Therefore if you want to take advantage of the listing fee savings (a good idea) but don’t want to be swamped by your competition, then consider using 3, 5 or 10-day listing durations. The 3-day listing is somewhat problamatic as your listings would end on Thursday or Friday –not the best day to end an auction. I would probably shoot my listings out tomorrow as a 5-day listing so they end on Sunday.
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