How to get your product in front on Tens of MILLIONS of people

eBay isn’t the only place to sell your products.
Tens of millions?  That’s a big number.  If you sell products online, it’s also a big OPENING.  Why?  Because that’s the number of ACTIVE CUSTOMERS you’ll find on Amazon.
Now I am not suggesting you leave eBay –even in this economy my sales are doing well, but it pays to look for additional channels to sell.
Getting started on Selling on Amazon is safe and easy, and gives you a low-cost, low-investment
sales channel that’s great for new and experienced sellers alike.

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  1. Hi Skip, that’s the first time I stopped by your site and I find the content in here very interesting.. On this particular post I couldn’t agree more with you… eBay is a great platform to sell online stuff, but why to limit only to one channel?
    I personally use different websites to promote my offers and Amazon is one of those. Even though the learning curve is a bit higher I am getting quite good results on that.

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