New My eBay Page Debuts with Mixed Acceptance From Sellers

People may have wanted change when they voted for President, but when it comes to eBay most of us resist it

Earlier this week eBay followed through on their threats to launch the new My eBay Page.  For me this comes under the headings of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” and “I think there were some development folks at eBay sitting around with too much time on their hands.”

But like everything that changes at eBay, we can either throw up our hands and walk away, or we can cope.  Most of us are copers –not quitters so we will just have to take a deep breath and figure this thing out.

Actually some of the changes are good while others seem to add steps where none were needed before.  Fortunately this time there is help. I read the FAX on the eBay forums and found it still somewhat confusing, but an intrepid eBay member, Glenda Moore,  glenda( 1651Feedback score is 1000 to 4,999) wrote a wonderful review that explains how to use the new page.

Here is a link to Glenda’s review. I strongly suggest all of my readers take a look at it:

Thank you Glenda –This is an excellent review and really answered a lot of my questions.  After you read Glend’s review, take a moment to click on the button at the bottom if you found this helpful. The more clicks the review gets the higher it will be ranked in eBay’s Guides and Reviews. Glenda deserves no less for her efforts.

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