Consumer Products Safety Commission Answers Questions from eBay Sellers about the CPSI

There has been a lot of confusion for sellers of toys and children’s clothing. eBay’s Uncle Griff posted a blog on eBay with some answers

Basically a lot of fear by sellers is overblown –but there are some new requirements to meet if you sell children’s clothing or toys on eBay.  Here is the link to an eBay Blog post where the Consumer Product Safety Commission answers questions from eBay sellers.

Used children’s clothing has seen a huge spike in sales on eBay since the economy went into the tank and this can be a very profitable area for eBay sellers.  Children’s toys and clothing is one of the niches I cover in my book, Ten eBay Niche Markets Any One Can do.

Watch for the February edition of The eBay Seller’s News which will be up on the website within the next 24 hours.

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