Derek Gehl, CEO of Internet Marketing Center, Retires with The Launch of the Largest Internet Training Course Ever

About 8 years ago I got my start in internet marketing when I purchased The Marketing Secrets Course from The Internet Marketing Center

The Internet Marketing Center started over 10 years ago and is still the oldest and largest training resource for folks who want to learn how to make a living online.  I got my start by taking their first course eight years ago –and every couple of years I buy the updated version and use it to stay up to date with the latest techniques.  I have been waiting for the 2009 course to come out and boy am I pleased. The new course is really massive –tons of new material and resources.

If you are just doing eBay and not yet ready to move to website marketing or other venues, there is plenty of stuff in the course that can help you too. A lot of the marketing and sales tricks, tips and techniques translate very well to eBay and when you are ready to expand into the web, you will have everything you need.

I was shocked when I saw the announcement of the new course also contained an announcement that
Derek was retiring. I visited him in Vancouver just a few weeks ago and he didn’t mention anything about that. But he explains everything on his site.

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