Do eBay Stores Have a Future

With the introduction of the new eBay Fixed Price Listing fee and GTC format, eBay Store sales have plunged

Here’s a snippet from an email I received today from a long time reader and eBay PowerSeller:

“….my ebay store for the first time since starting in 2005 may end the month without ONE sale.  I have over 140 items listed in my store with an additional 160+ as FP.  My traffic on Inkfrog shows that since this past December, my FP listings are getting almost 12X more traffic than a store item.”

I am seeing the same thing. My eBay Store sales have virtually dried up, yet my Fixed Price listings are doing very-very well. In fact I am now making more from my fixed price listings than from my auctions.

So you might ask –why have an eBay store?  I used to have a good answer to that question but I don’t really have one anymore. About the only advantage I can think of is that I have a link to send people to from off of eBay and I can earn referral sales credits. But that is a fairly small percentage of my eBay sales. I am beginning to wonder if I need to spend the $49.95 per month for a premium store.  I will probably drop back to the basic store at the end of this month.

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