eBay extends 5-cent Listing Fees in Books, Movies and Music Through the End of The Year

This is a good deal and good news for book sellers.

From now through the end of 2009, pay only 5¢ Insertion Fees when you list books, music, movies, and video games on eBay.com in Fixed Price with product details. Your listings will show up on both the new eBay product pages and in search results. That’s double exposure for just 5¢. Plus, sellers will get Subtitle free with Fixed Price and Auction-style listings in these categories when you list with product details.

In more proof that eBay lacks pricing power against the competition, it is extending this promotion to give sellers the pricing and exposure they need to succeed.

Half.com Listings to Show on eBay

Also, starting in May, Half.com sellers will be able to choose to have their listings show up on eBay product pages at no extra cost. With almost 60% of the inventory on Half.com not currently being offered on eBay, this will give eBay buyers exposure to much more merchandise and give sellers more exposure.

eBay Will Start Advertising Again (Finally !!!)

eBay also announced they will soon resume a consumer advertising campaign. It was not clear if this would be print, internet, radio or TV, but the new campaign should start in May.

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