Busy Day at eBay. System Changes Announced, Skype to be Spun off to IPO and Stumbleupon Given back to founders

The latest breaking news is that eBay will spin Skype off into its own company that will go public in 2010

That is interesting and answers a big question – What wound eBay do with Skype since it never really fit into eBay’s overall strategy. I think this is a great solution. I have been criticizing eBay so much lately its good to give them a pat on the back for this one.  Had they tried to sell Skype in this market, they would have gotten far less than they paid and far less than it was worth. But with the IPO eBay gets cash and a piece of the long term earnings.

Yesterday eBay announced that it would give (sell?) Stumbleupon back to its founders and venture capitalists. I don’t know what kind of financial deal this was but I suspect it worked out well for eBay. Stumbleupon is a great service but again I don’t think it really fit in with eBay.

Maybe we are starting to see the beginnings of some new strategic thinking at eBay?

And earlier today ebay announced major changes coming to the platform in June. Here is a link to that announcement.

Stay tuned for some analysis on  these announcements.

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