eBay Seller Alert

Lots of things happening with eBay today and tomorrow.

  • AuctionBytes reports that eBay will discontinue third party checkout services on June 15th. Even if you don’t use third-party services such as Vendio, Infopia and others, read the article as there is a lot more info about eBay’s future direction.
  • eBay will hold a town hall meeting today at 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm Pacific time. eBay exces will be taking your questions on the topics outlined in Stephanie Tilenius’ Spring 2009 Announcement Board post yesterday.  If you sell on eBay I strongly suggest you attend. If you miss it they will post a recording link on the announcement board in a day or so.
  • eBay is also hosting a training webinar on April 16th and 24th. Here is the page to register. I have attended these before and they are usually very good and this one will be important to all sellers.

Skip McGrath

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