Find Wholesale Sources Your Competition Can’t and Tons of Free Online Marketing Information

Little know free resource for finding niche wholesale suppliers for eBay, Amazon and your Website

This is a great little wholesale sourcing secret and it’s a free way to find eBay wholesale sources. I told my readers about this tip last year and several of them wrote me that they had great luck with this.  It is not a way to find millions of products in all the popular categories –but that is OK, because those categories are pretty crowded and competitive. But, it is a great way to find those little niche suppliers that other sellers don’t have.

The secret: Free Trade Magazines.  If you don’t know what a trade magazine is, let me explain.  Almost every industry and product has an association or publishers who make money publishing free trade magazines about the specific industry or topic.  The magazines are free because they are completely advertiser supported. This is what is known in the publishing trade as Controlled Circulation Publishing.  The advertisers pay the magazines because they go out to a targeted audience –rather than just anyone.

To subscribe to a trade publication, you fill out a qualification form. For example, I subscribe to Hearth & Home, a magazine for the outdoor fireplace and BBQ industry. I had to fill out a form saying that I was an online retailer and list what products I sold (firepits and BBQ grills). It is done on the honor system –no one checks up on you.

So where do you find these trade magazines?

You can Google around for them, or you can go to one of the sites that list many of the magazines. The one I like the best is Tradepub. Tradepub not only has over 200 free magazines you can subscribe to, they also have dozens of free whitepapers on various aspects of marketing and selling that can really help your online sales –even if you only do eBay. I have read several of these white papers and learned a lot from them.

The other free magazine everyone should get if you sell online (eBay, Amazon your own website, etc.), is Website Magazine. There is a ton of great marketing advice in every issue and I have used it to find some excellent affiliate programs that have earned me a great deal of money.  Best of all when I signed up, I never got any spam from them.

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