New Idea on Feedback

Feedback continues to be an irritant for sellers as more and more new buyers come to eBay

Here is an idea from one of my readers, eBay seller, econsignonline2009, to make the current feedback system more fair and palatable to sellers:

econsignonline2009 sent this as an open letter to eBay

Sellers may not leave a negative or neutral for buyers, I understand that, nothing I can do about that, nothing you will do about it.

Consider this really FAIR idea: if a buyer wants to leave anything other than a positive, require that they send an email to the seller, and get a response from the seller. Fair is fair; regarding the issues bringing the need for the other than positive feedback so the seller has the CHANCE at least to respond and rectify the situation. I know that this is not hard to program, eBay has the technology!

Want to make eBay sellers happy, TRY THIS!

It is kind of like counting to ten… I feel it will better, the community and build buyer seller relationships, encouraging MORE TRAFFIC AND MORE SALES. Which of course you know will result in MORE INCOME for eBay!

Clearly, eBay is moving towards driving more and more communications through the eBay message system. I predict that soon that will be the only way sellers and buyers will be permitted to communicate. If this happens, then this idea will be not only feasible, but easily accomplished.

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