Will You Qualify as An eBay Certified Seller?

eBay surveying members about new certified seller program that will roll out later this year

eBay is considering creating a new category of sellers called eBay Certified Sellers. Sellers in this category would be identified with a eBay Certified Seller icon displayed on all their listings.

In order to be included in the new eBay Certified Seller category on eBay, a seller would have to meet ALL of the following criteria:

  • Maintain a sales level of 100 items per year; AND

  • Maintain an average of 4.6 or better (1 to 5 scale) on each Detailed Seller Rating (DSR): Item Description, Communications, Shipping Time and Shipping Charge; AND

  • At least 99% of buyer ratings on each Detailed Seller Rating are 3 or higher (1 to 5 scale)

eBay recently sent out a survey to members asking them about the service levels they would expect from an eBay Certified Seller. Some of the criteria they looked at include:

·        Product knowledge

·        Shipping packaging

·        Accurate listing descriptions

·        Responsiveness to buyer questions

·        Attractive pricing

·        Trustworthiness

·        Dependability

·        Courteous and helpful

·        Item quality

·        Overall customer service

·        Resolves Issues

·        Shipping rates

·        Shipping promptness

·        Inspires confidence

·        Product Guarantee

·        Authentic products

The survey asked eBay members to rate sellers on a scale of 1 to 10 on each of the attributes asking the question. Here is how the question was phrased:  

Considering your experience with eBay to date and just the category name, please indicate what level of performance you think eBay sellers in the eBay Certified Seller category would typically provide. Please rate each attribute below using any number between 0 and 10 that best represents your impression.

Rumors about the program have been floating around for quite a while. I think this survey makes it pretty likely that eBay has decided to go ahead with the program and is now trying to fine tune it.  What impact this will have on new and small sellers is still unclear. You will still be able to sell on eBay if you are not an eBay certified seller, but non-certified sellers will be at a clear disadvantage.

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