eBay Reaches Out to Small and New Sellers with Free Listing Promotion

Starting June 16, 2009, Sellers will get 5 free Insertion Fees every 30 days for Auction-style listings

I have been fairly critical of eBay lately as they seem to be ignoring new and small sellers. But here is a great promotion that will benefit this group.  

Here’s how it works: Regardless of your start price, your first 5 Auction-style listings will have NO Insertion Fees when you list with eBay’s Sell Your Item form or Simple listing form.  Note:

This means that is you now use a third party service such as Auctiva, Vendio or InkFrog, you will not get the discount unless you log into eBay and use their form.

The Final Value Fee for these 5 listings with $0.00 Insertion Fees will be 8.75% of the sales price or $20, whichever is lower. Any additional items sold during the same 30-day period will have the same Insertion Fees and Final Value Fees as they do today.

The 5 listings with $0.00 Insertion Fees are especially helpful to sellers who don’t sell in high volumes, but offer the kind of unique and hard-to-find inventory buyers expect to find on eBay. This is exactly the type of seller eBay needs to attract and keep.

Be sure and use your 5 listings strategically.  Don’t waste them on items with a 99-cent starting price.  Use them on items with a higher starting price. This way you get the most bang for your buck.

Skip McGrath

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