Global sources offers Free Wholesale Sourcing Magazines

Global Sources is running a special promotion where readers can get copies of their award winning wholesale sourcing magazines for free

Readers have a choice of several magazines –just select your product category. They include:

Sports & Leisure

Auto Parts & Accessories

Baby & Children’s Products  & Apparel

Hardware, Tools & DIY

Computer Products & Components

Apparel & Fashion Accessories

Underwear & Swimwear

Home & Garden products

These magazines are meant for importers, but they are really valuable for any seller. Most of the sources sell in large quantities, but many of them import directly and will sell direct from their US warehouses.  Also if you ever thought you may want to try importing, there is a ton of useful information in each issue.  These sourcing magazines normally charge over $20 per issue, but you can get a sample issue now for free.  Click Here to get your Free Product Sourcing Guide.

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