Auctiva Comes To Their Senses

Leading auction management company backs off from their complicated & pricey fee plan and adopts simple $9.95 per month pricing.

Auctiva’s complicated and pricey fee schedule announced a couple of weeks ago had upset users and was driving business to competitors InkFrog, Vendio and others.

Jeff Schlicht, CEO and founder of Auctiva, the largest eBay auction management service, started out his message to users with an apology: “I am very sorry and humbly apologize for any frustration and anxiety we caused you to experience about the future of your business over the past week and a half. I know that these recent events have greatly upset our community and I take full responsibility for that. I am asking you to give me a chance to make it right.”

Jeff then went on to announce the new pricing strategy. Auctiva will move to flat monthly pricing of $9.95/mo .to include:

*         1GB Image Hosting

*         A Faster, Easier-To-Use, One-page Lister

*         Bigger Supersized Images

*         Better-looking Templates

*         eBay’s Most Popular Scrolling Gallery

*         Free Scheduling

*         24/7 Customer Support

*         plus all of our other time and money saving tools

In addition to their Standard flat-rate plan, they announced a special Starter flat rate plan for ultra-casual sellers: $2.95/mo., up to 15 listings, 500MB image hosting.

Auctiva also announced that their marketing tools like the scrolling gallery will remain free for now.

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