eBay Sellers; Are You Ready for The Changes Coming to eBay Next Week?

eBay policy and site function changes announced on April 14th, take effect next week on June 15th

eBay will effect the changes they announced in April next Monday.  If you haven’t revised your listings by then you run the risk of your listings being cancelled and/or not found in search.

The two biggest changes are that all listings must have a shipping and handling time stated and your items must be in the correct category.  Here is a link to the April 14th announcement. Be sure and read the entire announcement to see if your listings will be affected.

The other big factor is the new category and item specifics policy.  eBay has made some very important changes that will affect thousands of sellers.  Here is a link to the page with the category changes.  Get this wrong and your auctions will be cancelled.

The other big change coming in June won’t happen until June 30th. That is when the free shipping promotion will end. If you offer free shipping after that date, then you will no longer get free subtitle and if you are a PowerSeller then you will no longer receive the double fee discounts.

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