eBay Announces Seller’s Challenge Fianlists. It’s not exactly American Idol, but you can vote for your favorites.

Eight finalists chosen to compete for $25,000 to grow their eBay business

The eight finalists, two in each of the four categories, were selected based on their perceived business challenges and obstacles, clarity of business plan, passion for using eBay and appropriateness to the contest’s theme.

Each of the four challenge winners will receive a $25,000 business grant from eBay, as well as marketing services and support from eBay; runners-up will each receive a $5,000 grant.

If you would like to vote for your favorite, go to: http://sellerschallenge.ebay.com/.     Even if you are not interested in the challenge, I suggest you watch the videos as several of them are a good lesson in business focus and niche marketing. New sellers who are struggling with figuring out what to sell will find the videos very helpful.

There is also a link on the page with tips for writing a business plan that readers may find helpful.

Here are the finalists with their eBay usernames. You may want to look at their auction listings to see what and how they do what they do.

Current or Former Members of the U.S. Armed Forces

Thomas Costello Jr. “tmctechnologies”

·        Member of the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve

·        Sells used computer equipment and components that wouldn’t really be able to be sold anywhere except eBay

·        Lives in Chicago, IL

Jesse Carmona “jessesrm”

·        Runs a nonprofit group called the Whittier Baseball Club 3.0 and uses eBay to raise funds and buy equipment for the group, which aims to help student athletes afford equipment and succeed in school

·        Lives in Whittier, CA (20 miles SE of LA)

Individuals or Small Business Who Have Not Sold on eBay

Tori Nichel “torinichel23”

·        She is a women’s fashion designer who would like to establish her online presence through eBay

·        Lives in Brooklyn, NY

Sam Widman “samuelw”

·        Is in the process of starting a company called “Recycled Cycles” using eBay as his store front to sell cleaned up motorcycles the buyers can “fix up”

·        Lives in Albany, GA

Part-Time Sellers Wanting to go Full-Time

Ryan Michelle Pugh “livclean”

·        She sells a variety of products she really believes in and that she thinks help people “live clean,” such as nutrition supplements, healthy chocolates and resistance bands

·        Lives in Las Vegas, NV

Silas Martine “smmbmm”

·        After being laid off last month, Silas is looking to join his wife, Bertha, as a full-time seller on eBay

·        Their video features their adorable son who is six and expresses how much they need more space to keep the business growing (his closet has been taken over)

·        Lives in Lakewood, CA (20 miles S of LA)

Full-Time Sellers Wanting to “Go Big”

Janell Anderson-Ehrke “grow_nebraska”

·        Grow Nebraska is a nonprofit that seeks to maximize the state’s entrepreneurial and small business spirit

·        She would use the funds to help grow the program, which is a major conduit for Nebraska-based artisans/producers to sell their products

·        Lives in Holbrook, NE

John P Eastman “thelistener”

·        Sells vintage audio electronics and accessories

·        He is hoping to further grow his business and be able to give back to the community more

·        Lives in Wells, Maine

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