Crypt Above Marilyn Monroe For Sale eBay Up To $4.5 Million with Six Days to Go.

A lady in Los Angeles is selling her late husband’s burial crypt that is located right above Marilyn Monroe

A Los Angeles widow, Mrs. Richard Poncher, is auctioning her husband’s famous grave site so she can afford the mortgage payments on her $1.6 million house. The deceased, Mr. Poncher, is buried in a crypt right above Marilyn Monroe.

At the end of the eBay auction Mrs. Poncher will remove her husband from his resting place and deed the crypt to whoever wins the auction. According to news reports, Mr. Poncher bought the place from Joe DiMaggio. Mr. Poncher insisted he be buried face down, gazing on Marilyn Monroe in everlasting creepiness.

The new tenant will have to share Marilyn with the founder of Playboy Magazine, Hugh Heffner, who has the crypt next to her reserved.

What is so amazing to me is how poorly the auction is written. There isn’t even a photo. Here is a link to the auction:

It is amazing that the auction is up to $4.5 million. The problem is I don’t believe many of the bidders will follow through. Usually auctions of this type are run as private auctions and you have to register as a serious bidder before being allowed to bid.  Mrs. Pochner should have hired an eBay Trading Assistant like ShopItLA in Beverly Hills.  She would have real bidders who can actually write a check for what they bid on.

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