Summer Slowdown on eBay to End Soon

Just a short post today to let everyone know that the traditional summer slowdown on eBay is about to end.  I have been selling on eBay for ten years and have seen the same thing every August. The slowdown typically starts a little bit in July and then cascades into the middle of august.

The Back to School season traditionally started last week, but this year it has gotten off to a slow start, however, I expect this to start picking up going into the week before Labor Day. Even if you don’t sell back to school items, you should see some increase in traffic as those people who are shopping for back to school items are also online buying other stuff.

Speaking of back to school items, I found a great product recently that I have just started selling on eBay. It’s called the Brite Strike Self-Defense Strobe, Flashlight & Alarm.  This is a great self-defense product for seniors, joggers and college students. I am seeing a lot of parents and grandparents buying these for their daughters who are going off to college.

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