Bonanzle Now Growing Faster Than eBay in the Early Days

Double milestones for –100,000 members and 1,000,000 unique visitors, who bill themselvess as the marketplace to find everything but the ordinary, surpassed 100,000 members on September 14, just barely a year after the company’s official launch. Bonanzle competitor eBay had about 41,000 members during a comparable period in their history.

Unlike other marketplaces, Bonanzle’s traffic growth of more than 5000% ( over the last year has been attained through a completely grassroots effort; the company has received no venture capital or angel funding.

An average of 10,000 members are joining Bonanzle every month, coming to buy or sell unique items showcased in “booths,” where buyers and sellers can interact using real-time chat.  A major draw is that the site is known for being one of the friendliest communities online.

Remarkably, the site chalked up another milestone just a day earlier: On September 13, Bonanzle scored 1,000,000 unique monthly visitors for the first time.  According to auction site counts from PowerSellers Unite, Bonanzle has also risen to become one of the three largest eBay alternatives by items available for sale (  Currently Bonanzle offers about 2.3 million items.

This is still a tiny fraction of eBay’s size, but growth at this rate is very impressive.

“I attribute our rapid growth to buyers and sellers having an unmet need for a marketplace where individual people matter, and where the selling fees don’t drag down businesses,” said Bill Harding, Bonanzle’s founder and CEO. “We will continue to add features to make it easier for our buyers to find everything but the ordinary, and we’ll throw in a good amount of fun while we’re at it.”

Bonanzle was founded in January 2007 by Bill Harding, a programmer who spawned a series of profitable businesses ranging from a candy store he started at age 11 (annual gross in excess of $90) to a self-published magazine to an online laptop store, and more. In 2008, Mark Dorsey (founder of Dorsey Floral LLC) joined the company as co-founder.


  1. I’ve been selling on Bonanzle for a few months now, and my product views (as well as my sells) have been ever increasing. In addition, I absolutely love the friendly community! There is ALWAYS a friendly helping hand when I need some guidance.

    Thanks for all of the great information Skip!

  2. Wonderful review of the site. And for those who want to know the secret to their success, it is like Bill said : “a marketplace where individual people matter”.

  3. * Bonanzle is not one of the three top alternatives, there are some alternatives not listed on PowerSellers Unite.
    * Bonanzle is not the name of the company it is the name of the website.

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