Free Wholesale Sourcing Info for eBay Sellers

It used to be that importing directly from China was only for large sophisticated sellers, but that is changing. More and more small eBay sellers are finding they can make excellent profits importing directly.

As you probably know, finding suppliers from China is easy. But finding suppliers who know what quality is and deliver it consistently is a much tougher job. If you’re an eBay Power Seller who wants reliable information on pre-screened China manufacturers, you’ll find it at Global Sources.

Global Sources – one of the world’s largest sourcing organizations – connects buyers worldwide with verified suppliers in China. They personally visit every supplier at least 3 times before featuring them. These visits help to guarantee that their suppliers are real companies, with real products, real offices, and real people staffing them.

Power Sellers will want to check out their site to find thousands of hot new products from thousands of qualified suppliers. You can make inquiries about price, product specs, etc., directly to suppliers, too.

You’ll also want to sign up for Global Sources’ Product Alert and get FREE e-mail notifications about new products and suppliers as soon as they’re posted at Global Sources Online. Choose from thousands of product categories, you’ll receive information only on the categories you selected.

Last but not least, you can download a FREE digital copy of any of Global Sources 13 magazines instantly. This free e-magazine offers profitable new products on every page, informative ads to help make better buying decision and verified-accurate supplier details (including phone numbers, e-mail addresses and web sites).

Don’t wait.  Get help from Global Sources to find products your eBay customers want, from China suppliers you can count on.

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