More Proof That Women Shop When Their Husband’s Watch Football

My wife and I were watching the season opener of the Seattle Seahawks playing St Louis Rams. My wife loves football as much as I do and we enjoy rooting for the Seahawks every season even if they usually disappoint us, but Karen will usually bail out on the game once one team gets really ahead.

Earlier this weekend, I launched my latest book, How To Make Money Blogging from Home. The early sales have been excellent, but Karen noticed something really interesting today.  Before the game started, we had a couple of sales from this morning.  When Karen went to check email at half-time, we had 6 more sales. I won’t give out their last names but they were from Connie, Jessica, Judy, Angelina, Carol and another Judy.  Obviously a lot of women weren’t watching football.  By the end of the game, when Karen checked again, we had three more sales from women and one from a man in Australia. Since it was the middle of the night over there, I am pretty sure he wasn’t seeking a refuge from sports.

Before I start getting email accusing me of being a sexist, I know that a lot of women love football and I know my sample is only anecdotal. But it gave me an idea.  I decided to try ending some of the items I have for sale that appeal more to women than men next week during the games. I usually end items on Sunday evening –not Sunday afternoon. So it will be interesting to see how they do.

Oh yes – the Seahawks shut out St. Louis 28-0!  I would gloat but one of my dropshippers is in St. Louis and I don’t want to make those folks mad.

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  1. Even when I’m interested in the game, I find that I’m easily distracted by either the internet or some craft that I’m working. It will be interesting to see how this test works out.

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