When Should You Start and End Halloween Auctions on eBay?

Halloween is fast approaching us. Although temporary –Halloween is a very profitable niche on eBay. Candy and Costumes will start appearing in the stores before we know it. Every year there are popular costumes that stores run out of within a few days or weeks of hitting the shelves.  

The best way to find what will be popular and what will be in high demand is to ask your kids and grandkids They already know what will be hot. Once you figure this out, you can often find these products at wholesale clubs such as Costco and Sam’s Club –and even stores like Wal-Mart. You would be amazed how many savvy eBay sellers pay full retail and can still mark hot costumes up and make money on eBay.

Besides costumes, other products can include Halloween related candy dishes, decorations, CD’s, and DVD’s. Find the unique, one-of-a-kind merchandise and the popular items because that’s what people look for.

The Halloween selling season on eBay starts earlier than you think. Setting up your Halloween auctions too late will miss the peak selling weeks. Make sure you start listing around the 25th of September. If you offer overnight or second day air shipping, you will want to make sure you end your auction no later than the 28th of October. If you don’t offer this service you should end your auctions around the 24th of October. You need to remember that Halloween is on a Saturday in 2009 so you can’t use UPS for that last-day delivery.

Halloween is a fun time of year for both adults and children. If you can find the hot and unique items to list on eBay, you can have some fun and make some quick profits. Halloween is one of those holidays where you want to list early and list often. Shorter, more frequent auctions (3 & 5 day) will allow you to maximize your sales.


  1. should we use the word Halloween in the title? I have mainly costumes–some vintage. But I also have vintage gloves, hats, etc. that can be used for halloween costumes. Does it attract more attention to just use the word Halloween or the word costume or are there better key words to use? any ideas?

    1. Author

      I think using the word “Halloween” is not necessary if your item has a specific title that would be searched. But if you were selling something specific to halloween such as “halloween lights” or Halloween Candy Dish” then you want to use the word. But if you were selling a superman costume then it probably isn’t necessary.

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