Are You Desperate to Make Extra Money Online?

A year ago that would have been a silly question –but today it’s not. In fact, I probably get a least a dozen emails a week from readers who tell me they are desperate to make some money quickly.  With over ten million unemployed and growing it’s no wonder this is happening.

The saddest emails I get are from people who fell for some type of scam or silly program that promises the moon and delivers almost nothing. Some of them are so bad they break my heart.  Some of these folks need to make money so badly they suspend their normal good judgement.  Here are some of the programs you see advertised that you want to avoid at all cost:

  • Paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for a pre-made website loaded with dropship products you can sell instantly
  • Paying over $1000 for a blogging program that came with a complete blog all set up and ready to go and blog posts sent to you every day that guarantee you will get readers.
  • Joining dropship warehouse programs where you can access “virtual” warehoused with millions of famous name products you can sell overnight on eBay.
  • Paying a ton of money for  a collection of eBooks that come with resale rights

These same programs or variations of them have been around since the beginning of the internet. They may morph and change a bit but they all boil down to one thing. These people are trying to convince you that if you buy their product, you can just push a button and money will start rolling in. If only it were true we would all be rich.

Making extra money online

The saddest thing about these programs is that they keep people from doing the things that really do work. You can make money selling products from a website, but not with pre-made cookie cutter websites loaded with products that are priced higher than others are selling them for.

You can also make money blogging, but you have to create a real blog that people want to read. Once you have readers you can make money from advertising and affiliate programs.

You can make money with dropshipping, but you have to find and work with actual manufacturers and distributors. There are thousands of them out there, but you have to do the research to find them.

You can make money on eBay –I have been doing it for ten years. But you have to do the work to find your own niche products to sell. Today in this economic environment some of the most profitable sellers are selling used goods and selling on consignment for others.

And you can even make money with eBooks –but you have to write your own and market it.

So don’t jump at some opportunity to spend thousands of dollars on a get-rich-quick program. The only person who get rick quick is the person selling it to you. On the other hand, don’t be afraid to spend an affordable sum of money to learn how to take advantage of real opportunities to make money selling online –but just remember: All of those real opportunities will take some work on your part.

Here are some real resources you can trust. Yes they all require a small investment but they offer no-bull ways of making real money –if you are willing to work at it. And all of them offer an honest money-back guarantee if you are not happy:

You can view my (Skip McGrath)  eBay and website trainings products here.

So if you are desperate to make some extra money give some of these resources a try and avoid some of the many scams and downright crooks out there who are prey on people in unfortunate situations.


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  1. Thanks Skip. If I can put in my two cents that book is absolutely the real deal as well. People can make money easily (yes easily) on eBay if they just know what to sell on eBay. Thanks for promoting it.

  2. Thanks Skip. If I can put in my two cents that my book is absolutely the real deal as well. People can make money easily (yes easily) on eBay if they just know what to sell on eBay. Thanks for promoting it.

  3. You just mentioned about people being scammed in big bucks to make money online. I just got involed with ohn
    I just can’t stand up for myself and say no. Did I get scammed with this company or is it pretty ligitimate????

  4. Very Recently, there has been a good deal of investigation by the
    FTC against blogs and website promoters
    for not revealing their advertising income, or potential
    relationships with ad networks.

    What are your personal thoughts about how this could potentially effect
    the blog community?

  5. Like Pat above, I have been talking to Are they legitimate? They appear to be very professional and I’, concerned that’s it’s not for real?

  6. Like Pat above, I have been talking to I would appreciate it very much if someone could let me know is there any true about earning money or…i just lost…
    Hope to hear from you soon.

  7. I am also looking into I gave the initial start up fee and I would like more info before purchasing anything further. They are very persistent call almost every half hour to see if I am ready to purchase the advertising and training package. What do yu know about his company am I throwing my money away or is it worth the investement?

  8. I’ve the same question as pat and Fiona, Ohnhome.

  9. Hi, i am wondering about Ohnhome as well, i have only just signed up with them, my end wk now & i’ve already paid them abit of my NZD money, im just not sure if they are the real deal, i rang their team this morning to ask for some case studies of other peoples success stories but the person i spoke with said they couldn’t forward me any details…thinking of pulling myself out before i lose more money than i have!!!

  10. I just signed up with and I am also wondering if they are legitimate. I payed the set up fee and the website they built for me is linked to They said it would take 2 weeks for my website to be indexed. Has anyone found out if they are legitimate and what can we do to get our money back if they are a scam. Who can I report them to if they are a scam.

  11. Same here!, being spending some money with them, but no sure anymore. People calling me for more money so I can make some money.

  12. after reading all the questions from others, i have the same questions, does anyone know where to find out if we have been scammed and how to get our money back?? I never recieved an acknowledgement email to confirm my signing up with them

  13. I agree with all the above with I too would like to know what things really are with them? as I have just agreed to purchase the package deal and I really do want reasurrance that I am doing the right choice for my future.

  14. I got stung by ohn.home but only for 220.00. Thank goodness it was to take 2 days to up my credit limit or it would have cost me 1,295.00. I did some research and found out the web site is not real and doesn’t link to anything.

  15. I have just signed up with ohnhome and spent $3000.00 but am now concerned that I may have done my money after reading so many comments from your readers regarding this company. I too would like to hear if they are a legitimate company or just another scam. Any information would be helpful, thankyou.

  16. I am truly worried after reading all the comments about Ohnhome, have I been had.

  17. well after reading all these comments im definatley worried as well, has any one received any feed back??

    we joined up as well, everyone that has contacted us has been good so far so I want to know is ….is it the real deal??

    have we been scammed??

  18. I have also paid out $288 after I told them I caould’nt afford $2750 for advertising.They came back and said I could pay $188 for them to send out 1000 emails and tracking program. Have we been sacmmed.

  19. Please let me know about this . Is it a scam or not . I just sighned up to it the other day . If it is , is there any way I can go about getting my money back ?

    1. Author

      you have a three business day right to cancel. I suggest you doit

  20. This is a site I bought from Ohnhome. I had it fixed up really nice but deleted all after talking to several Amazon Associates in the Amazon associate area I was set up with through Ohn. According to several of the Associates the hotfiremail I was set up with through Ohn which connected me to the Amazon Associate forum and use of Amazon widgets etc did not exist. After a few weeks I went back into the Amazon Associate forum and found that they had helped a new website owner with the hotfiremail that they told me was not associated with Amazon. I bought the site mid Dec 09 and did not make a dime on the site which was filled with Amazon widgets and banners. Here is the main laugh though, I had no access to the hotfiremail which is where all correspondence went from MY site and still don’t even though it is set up in my name. So trying to figure out if it is a I.D. theft ring or what. I am unable to make any changes in the Amazon Associate site because they don’t recognize my email but continue to use my name and address. Since then I have not been able to use a debit or cr card with certain sites. So you tell me are they legit or not? What is Amazon doing with my name & address plus bank info?

  21. I signed up and paid $4000 then changed my mind. Rang and registered my desire to cancel the arrangement with ohnhome, rang the bank to reverse the payment, and am now waiting to see if that does happen. Hopefully it’s a lesson not too expensively learned. Thanks for all your comments.

  22. My friend has subscribed for this too(OHNHOME), I had a doubt that this was indeed a scam the moment he told me about it. After reading all your comments, I am convinced Ohnhome is money monger. I will do some more research and post updates here if I stand corrected.

    The most decadent part is that there are so many affected and practically nothing that can be done to get the money back… is this what we call fair trade in developed economies? 🙂

    We are allowing our businesses to stoop to low to generate some ‘legitimate’ income… this should not be at the expense of non-techie public.

  23. I signd up to in Dec and it has been 3 months and I have earned/sold nothing – I will be phoning them first thing Monday morning to ask for my money back.
    They have a clause that states after 90 days if you dont not make any money, we will gladly refund your setup fee.
    I presume this will be less than the $90- I paid, as then Domain name would come off the cost.

  24. I have contacted ohn and asked for a refund as I haven’t made any money since signing up in Nov.’09 and was told I was entitled to refund but that I hadn’t made money because I hadn’t set the site up correctly, I told them that I’d been told they do that.The only time Id heard from ohn. was to ask for more money and they’d send out 1000emails and I make more money quicker which stupidly I’d already done,instead of a refund they then said that they would resend emails to draw people to my site and I would start making money, but if I had any queries to phone them again, if I didn’t make money in the next 3 months, so yes I think we’ve all been scammed, Sorry guys but don’t do what I did and give them more money, you might as well flush it down the toilet, I think.

  25. Like the rest of you I’ve been taken in by the slick talking sales men. All have been men except the trainers and assistants. I will probably never trust another man on the internet. My loss is in the thousands. I can’t believe I’ve been so gullable and naive. It’s even hard to talk about it, there’s shame and stupidity all rolled into one dumb internet click. I certainly think that we need to look into a class action suit even if all we do is alert other people to the scam. The toll in self respect, personal finance and stress in some of the people stories I’ve read, just today, break my heart. This scam has go to be stopped. Does anyone know how to go about doing something legal to stop from continuing their scam?

  26. Well thank you for this site and all the scam info. I, thanks to you guys & after I couldn’t get onto MY email either, caught the scam quickly enough to block OHN’s debit on my card – and the bank have now cancelled the card to so they cannot debit anything else.
    I’ve sent them an “I’ve changed my mind & withdraw any and all authority for you to charge anything to my account” email, and a “Don’t contact me again, I know its a scam” email, and I’ve also emailed Amazon to let them know what this company is doing with their name!
    Next step for me is to let all the Australian Current Affairs programs and the ACCC know of the scam. Maybe also the USA Federal Financial body (when I find them on the net).
    If you are still part of this scam – GET OUT NOW! DON’T PAY ANY MORE $s TO THEM!

  27. Hi, I also have signed up with them back in Febuary and so far earned 25 USD in the first 3 month. So I couldnt get a refund, because the I have made money, but not the amount I was hoping for. Anyway they do have a website and several tel numbers and it is easy to get in contact with them. They also try to help you how to advertise, but my main concern is, that you have no conrol over your referalls. It is really up to them to let you know, if you have earned something or not. Here is the website
    Has anybody made more money by now. Please let me know. thanks

  28. i had ninety days to make up my mind. noteified them that i wanted out within the ninety day period.the money they got for advertising ,they did not reimburse. only got back the sign up fee. i would not get involved in something like this again.

  29. I got involved with ohn a month ago and so far have made nothing. The amoazon e-mail they gave me is fake and can’t be changed. I contacted amazon so we’ll see if they can do anything. I found a great group called “ohn victims” that is a group of people just like us with the same experiences and doubts. I took the training and advertisizing package and am now trying to get detailed reports from ohn but am lucky if they return my call. The customer service line is just an answering machine no matter what time you call and the extension numbers they give you are a sham. Be wary! It’s sad they are still around after all these complaints I am finding and am feeling gullible and stupid for trying to do something productive to help my family. For what you pay, they give you the minimum. I have the highest package, the elite and am dissatisfied with how little I can do. Also, I asked for Yahoo as an affiliate but all they give you are banners and I can’t even access those right now. 2 more months and I’ll be asking for my money back I think. You can see what little they gave me at Seeing they won’t let you look at other sites they created till after you sign up. Looking for the address to one they showed me, will post when I find it. Maybe seeing my experience with this will help others avoid the debt that comes with this company. Will keep you updated on my experiences but so far they get a grade of F.

  30. Hi all, I signed with ohn in about Sept. 2009, and paid around $6,000.00 believing that they would help me make money by having my own website. I had absolutely no knowledge of what a website was, or how to create one..(I was 62yrs of age, thinking I could find a way of working from home in my retirement)…Anyway after almost 2 years I am still getting regular training calls from them, and I still have not received any financial return except something called a “coup share” of $10.29.
    I am still building my website at, and it is my intention to continue with the company until either it is proven to be a scan or until I get my first $1. from sales. Until then I will go with the flow. I must say that I never in a million years thought that I had the ability or concentration to do what I have done to create my own website, good or bad. In my view, scam or not, I will blunder on, but take cognisance of what other “ohn clients” have experienced. I am also learning how run my own blog site…Good luck to you and your families. Les

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