Can You Still Make Money Selling on eBay?

Apparently you can still make money selling on eBay.

HIAWATHA, Iowa (CNN)— As Dr. Jennifer Lickteig examines patients at the Linn Community Care Health Center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, she’s also earning money from a second career that has nothing to do with medicine.

Dr. Jennifer Lickteig started her online clothing business while taking time off from medicine to raise her family. 1 of 2  Lickteig runs a clothing store on eBay, where she’s a “Gold PowerSeller,” ranking among the top 1½ percent of merchants on the online marketplace.

The 35-year-old family practitioner says she earned $120,000 last year on eBay, more than she did practicing medicine.  Read the full story at CNN.

Yes, eBay is not as easy as it was a few years ago –and yes, fees are higher and their policies are more strict. But hundreds of thousands of small and large sellers are still making money on eBay today.

When it comes to learning how to make money online, eBay has several advantages for the small or new seller. First of all is a built-in audience. eBay gets the eyeballs to your listings.  Although eBay has lost its first place in shopping traffic to Amazon, there are still millions of people who visit eBay every day and type what they are looking for into the search engine. If you know how to optimize your listings for eBay search, then you will get your products in front of buyers.

Making money selling on eBay.

The tricks are pretty simple:

  • Use good searchable keywords in your auction titles.
  • Use good photographs that show off your item
  • Write complete thorough descriptions that give the buyer all the information they need
  • Deliver good customer service to earn a great feedback rating and high Detailed Seller Rating stars

The other thing about eBay is the skills you will learn are translatable to selling in other venues including Amazon, other auction sites, fixed price stores and even your own website. In fact eBay is a great place to secure customers so you can market to them in other ways.


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  1. All you have to do is get traffic and convert it to sales. Honesty, full descriptions, and not only positive feedback but a positive attitude! May i mention this article at

  2. it is true but in all case in order to convert you have to have a product to sell. i rather sell on ebay with no product saves me from keeping stocks and yet still get paid. i do it and live good less stress i prefer that way

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