eBay Announces Winners of Seller’s Challenge

The four winners, one in each of the four categories, voted on by the eBay community are:

  • US Veterans & Service Member: Thomas Costello is a member of the United States Marine Corps and sells computer equipment and parts on eBay. He plans to use his $25,000 award to open an eBay store and buy materials to provide better visuals for his products.
  • First-Time Seller: Tori Nichel is a women’s contemporary clothing designer in New York who is hoping to go global. She plans to open an eBay retail boutique with her $25,000 award.
  • Part-Time Seller: Ryan Pugh sells a variety of products she truly believes in and that she thinks help people “live clean,” such as nutrition supplements, healthy chocolates and resistance bands. With her $25,000, Ryan plans to further diversify and grow her company on eBay by adding new products.
  • Full-Time Seller: Janell Anderson-Ehrke runs a nonprofit organization called GROW Nebraska, which helps 300+ rural businesses reach customers through an eBay store. With her $25,000 award, she plans to provide better training and education for these businesses to help improve their presence on eBay.

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