Free Webinar on Building Websites

I have been a fan of XsitePro for some time. They offer a very easy and inexpensive way to create websites that can be used for selling products, generating affiliate income or earning money with Google AdSense.

They are coming out with a new product called The Complete Guide to Website Building.  Don’t worry this is not some high-tech system that you need to know about programming and HTML. This is designed for people who know nothing more that how to type, point and click. If you can do that, you can build a website.

If you want to sit in on the free webinar tomorrow, click here to register. It is completely free and will give you a good overview including:

1. Who the course is aimed at helping

2. How you can benefit from the course

3. What’s included in the training

4. How the delivery platform works

5. Details of the support on offer to trainees

6. Pricing and guarantee information

And they are offering an exciting set of bonuses to everyone who attends…and these bonuses are not “free PDFs” or some other low-value thrown-in… they’re quality additional benefits for:

– The First 100 fast-acting sign-ups, and;

– The First 1000 trainees through the door

Oh, and did I mention they are also giving away TEN complete courses to ten lucky webinar attendees?

So if you have ever thought about taking the leap to building your own website, take a look at this short webinar. XsitePro has one of the best reputations in the industry and their stuff is really good.

Here is the link to sign up:

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