Make Extra Money with Affiliate Marketing Networks

Make Extra Money with  Affiliate Marketing Networks

Affiliate marketing is a great way for small online sellers to make extra money. You don’t even need a website. You can promote affiliate advertisers with a blog, from social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook or to your readers if you have a newsletter. Of course if you do have a website and would like to make some extra money then these networks can work for you too.

Almost all affiliate networks work the same way. First you sign up to create an account. Once you are in the program, you log in and look for advertisers. Most systems allow you to select advertisers by category, while some others are specialized. For example, specializes in health and beauty products.

One problem with most networks is that you have to join several of them to find the right products to advertise or to find products in your category. One answer to this is to take a look at Affiliate Scout. Affiliate Scout lists thousands of affiliate advertisers by category. This way you can find the networks with the products you want, before joining them.


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Make Extra Money

Making extra money with Affiliate marketing is not a shotgun endeavor. You must specialize. Ideally you want to find advertisers who are related to the topic of your blog or website. The best advertising is that which is related to your content and focused on your readers. Affiliates offers for credit cards and mortgages tend to pay the highest commissions, but if you blog is about pet care and training; then those ads would be out of place, whereas ads for Petsmart would work very well.

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