ABC News Promotes eBay Trading Assistants

I was listening to the radio while I was sitting here working on my eBay listings, when I heard the Cybershake podcast broadcast on the ABC Radio News. The podcast was an interview with an eBay consignment seller (Trading Assistant) Vickie Campbell.  She was explaining how this is a great time of year for Trading Assistants as people are willing to get rid of their unwanted stuff to both clear the decks before the holidays and raise extra cash.

eBay Consignment Business

I wrote my first book on eBay consignment selling about four years ago at the height of the consignment selling craze.  The frenzy died down, but recently with the poor economy, consignment selling is on the rise again. So I just released an updated version, of Making Money With an Online Consignment Business.  The book assumes you know the basics of selling on eBay and focuses on how to start and run your consignment business profitable. It includes all of the forms, contracts pre-written advertisements to help you find consignors. I include information for both types of sellers –working from home or starting a consignment drop-off store.

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  1. We almost went into the consignment business a few years ago, but after crunching the numbers, it just did not make sense for us. I am glad we did not get into it, because several local consignment stores were closed, presumably they did not have enough business. I wonder if now is a good time to try and open a consignment selling business to supplement our online stores.

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