Check the Internet Marketing Report Card before You Buy Another Program

IM Report Card

I was recently introduced to the Internet Marketing Report Card (IM Report card).  This is a wonderful free site where you can check out the reputation of any product, service or person related to making money on the internet.

I had no idea that I was reviewed there until one of my radio listeners ( – 10 am every Wednesday) emailed me that I was ranked 5th in the country out of the top 25 internet marketers. You can read my review at the Skip McGrath Page on IM Report Card.

So take a look at Internet Marketing Report Card. Sign up for a free account (it only takes a minute) and post a comment. If you like any of my books you can write about them. I would love to hear your unbiased comments.

The other thing that is really neat about IM Report Card is that you can actually make money every time you  rate someone or post a comment –or even when you recommend someone.  You won’t get rich, but there are a few active folks who make an extra $50 to$100 a month or so for just a few minutes work each day.  And you are also doing people a service when you warn them away from bad promoters or crappy internet products.


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