FREE eBay Training Webinar Now Online

Our eBay Training webinar last month was a big hit. We had over 100 people register and about 90 who actually showed up. I know many of you wanted to attend but couldn’t, so we recorded it for you. The topic of this webinar was auction review. I got together with one of our coaches, Suzanne Wells, from our coaching program and we reviewed the auction listings that were sent in by readers. You can listen to the eBay coaching webinar here.

If you are interested in personal coaching and would like a free evaluation, Call 1-800-578-3449 or fill out this contact form to see if you qualify. We only take a small number of students at any one time. All of our eBay coaches are active eBay PowerSellers and our Internet coaches all currently run successful online businesses.

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  1. I”m new to to this insanity, ruined for life , must learn more…

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