What my readers look like?

I have been working with a company to help me optimize my website marketing who have produced some very interesting information. One of the studies they did used Yahoo demographic information to see who is visiting my website.  Take a look at the chart below:

Skip McGrath Demographics

The dotted line that runs through the bar chart represents the internet average. As you can see my readers are overwhelmingly over 35, make above average incomes and are 60/40 male.  The first two don’t surprise me, but the last one does because I tend to get a lot of email from women and I know I have a high number of stay-at-home moms who buy my books.  Nevertheless this is really interesting information that I can use to further target my material to my readers.

Skip McGrath


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  1. Skip, I don’t know where else to put this so I’ll comment here. THANK you for your very informative newsletter, “How to Make Money on Ebay” information and lately “How to Make money blogging” I just bought that book because as I told my husband “he hasn’t steered me wrong yet!!” I thank you and Karen for the information that helped me step-by-step set up my new blog. Because of what I read I also discovered my need to FOCUS and use my own niche. An about Ebay….I had fun making a few extra hundred dollars for people over the holidays that also made money for me!!

    Thank you!
    Sarah (demographic: 43 y.o. married woman WITH children!)

    1. Author

      Hi Sarah – Thank you for your nice comments. We work hard at what we do so feedback is always appreciated.

  2. And oops! I mean Marsha, not Karen! Sorry Marsha!! How can I contact her for a quick question?

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